Гэрээ байгуулсан тухай мэдэгдэл

Procurement method:

Contract No Contract Title Contractor's Name Contract Amount Currency Signature Date
SGM/23/CS/017 Consulting firm to support promotion and public awareness of the Interactive Citizen Budget, the Glass Account Portal, and public use of budget data Unread LLC 170 378 059,00 MNT 2021-10-29
SFFSP/B22/GO/009 Purchase of IT goods for UB city and 21 aimags’ local treasury officials under sub-component B22/GO/014 Topica LLC 83 244 300,00 MNT 2021-10-28
SFFSP/CS/B11 - 009 Consulting service to support Education sector financing reform National Consultant 38 463 930,00 MNT 2021-10-25
SFFSP/CS/C1 - 019 National individual consultancy service: Prepare draft amendments to the Financial leasing law National Consultant 20 510 496,00 MNT 2021-10-15
SFFSP/CS/B4-018 Consulting firm to conduct a historical analysis on public investment in Mongolia, create information data base, produce report on main findings World Plus Digital LLC 78 175 000,00 MNT 2021-10-08
SGMP/23/GO/005 Publication of budget booklet for 2022 MGL Design LLC 7 350 000,00 MNT 2021-10-05
SFFSP/CS/D2-029 National Consulting firm or NGO to develop and deliver training on quality management (ISO 9001:2015) for selected aimag/district’s Social Insurance Departments Udirdakh urlag Khugkjil NGO 70 638 832,00 MNT 2021-10-01
SFFSP/CS/C5-016 Coordinating Consultant for sub-component C5 National Consultant 17 091 720,00 MNT 2021-09-20