One of the objectives of the “Strengthening Governance in Mongolia Project” is to support the Ministry of Finance in introducing Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in the budgeting process of Mongolia by integrating it into the Public Financial Management reform.

The Ministry of Finance has been one of the front-runners in ensuring gender equality by adopting the Gender Strategy for portfolio agencies of the Ministry of Finance for 2016-2024. This Strategy aims to integrate a gender perspective in policy planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation stages, build capacity, and introduce the gender-responsive budgeting methodology in the budget process at the national and local levels. 

Inequalities in society are structural and complex, and gender gaps are common across Mongolian sectors. GRB is a tool that helps align gender equality policies and strategies with sectoral strategies, policies, and budgets to address gender gaps, improve gender outcomes of policies, and, consequently, the quality of life in Mongolia for women, men, boys, and girls. 

The Ministry of Finance has established a dedicated working group to support piloting the GRB in the budgeting process of selected sectors. The Ministry of Finance has been working closely with the National Committee on Gender Equality, the National Statistics Office, and other respective stakeholders.
Figure 1. The first meeting of the GRB working group was established under the Ministry of Finance.
Within the gradual phased introduction of GRB in line ministries, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the Ministry of Education and Science is selected as pilot ministries.  The sub-working groups were established at these ministries to pilot GRB and conduct a gender analysis of budget planning and execution. In addition, the GRB model for Mongolia that outlines procedures and steps for integrating GRB into budget planning, implementation, and reporting stages has been developed.