National consultant to support customs reform and expansion and development of trade ports
Reference: A2/CS/022
Client: Ministry of Finance
Category: Consultancy Service
Advertised: 2022-04-14
Deadline: 2022-04-24 15:00:00  

Ad Invitation


Mongolia received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability (SFFS) Project. The Objective of the SFFS Project is to contribute to the Government of Mongolia’s efforts to strengthen fiscal and financial stability and improve the quality of expenditure. The project is designed into five components: (i) Strengthening Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management; (ii) Improving the Efficiency of Public Financial Management; (iii) Enhancing Financial Sector Stability; (iv) Strengthening the Social Protection System; (v) Project Management and Monitoring. The objectives are to strengthen fiscal responsibility and implementing relevant policy measures; improve fiscal discipline; strengthen the resiliency of the banking system; improve public expenditure quality in social protection, and provide support for Project implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, including, inter alia, audit arrangements, reporting requirements, procurement and financial management activities respectively. For more details, please refer to the Project Appraisal Document Report No. PAD2269.

The overall objective of Component A of the Project is to strengthen fiscal responsibility and support the implementation of relevant policy measures toward (a) improving the quality of expenditure management, (b) strengthening macroeconomic and budget policy-making capacity, and (c) improving regulatory processes. Within this component there are also specific activities planned for furthering tax reform including by introducing the latest international taxation rules and regulations.

The Government of Mongolia (GOM) has been undertaking customs reforms to increase trade turnover and support international trade facilitation as it is important for the economic development of Mongolia. The revenue from international trade is significant and accounts for 27.7% of total government revenue and grants. The GOM has taken a number of steps to encourage international trade, including development of key infrastructures, such as building laboratories to check the quality of goods and mineral commodities, expanding capacity of ports at borders, replacing and upgrading equipment used for scanning the goods and commodities, and revamping of the electronic declaration systems to cut time and cost of trade and reduce human contacts for the purpose of eliminating red tape and corruption. In 2022 fiscal year the GOM is planning to take further measures to facilitate international trade to reduce border clearance time and documentation cost through amending relevant regulations and integrating regulatory functions by various inspecting agencies.             

The GOM joined the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation and the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) to increase trade turnover and expand trade cooperation with its regional trading partners. Going forward, the Government and the MOF are planning to review and revise the existing Customs Law and the Law on Customs Duty and Tariff, both approved in 2008, and related resolutions and regulations in coordination with the aforementioned international agreements and the ongoing customs reform objectives.    

Considering the economic and fiscal challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and favorable commodity market development, the GOM will be planning to expedite the customs reform and improve the legislative environment regarding the trade to support short term revenue mobilization measures toward ensuring and accelerating post pandemic recovery and supporting further fiscal consolidation. 

Within the context above, the MOF is seeking a local consultant to develop and improve domestic legislations for undertaking further customs reform.


The objective of the assignment is to assist the MOF in carrying out the assignments to expand and renovate land ports and develop and revise domestic legislations related to customs reforms in cooperation with officers and local consultants at the MOF.


The scope of work that the Consultant will carry out is to provide support for implementing policies for expansion and renovation of ports and develop and improve domestic legislations related to customs reforms in compliance with international trade Conventions to which Mongolia is a party. Key tasks under the assignment will include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Review existing general and detailed development plan for each port and identify and determine possible challenges and bottlenecks, and suggest recommendations and revisions;  

2. Conduct research on existing laws and regulations concerning cross-border transport of goods and recommend policy alternatives for new means of transport such as container shipping, Automated Guided Vehicles and railway transport;  

3. Communicate and liaise with relevant bodies in charge of port development to draft necessary policy documents and support policies for expansion and renovation of ports;

4. Carry out research on international experiences in relation to digitizing customs services and other relevant considerations to the ongoing customs reform;

5. Identify and suggest the international experience that could be used in Mongolia to digitize the services provided by customs administration to reduce the time and cost of trade;

6. Provide implementation and monitoring support on ongoing customs reform objectives;

7. Improve international trade and customs database at the MOF in close cooperation with the customs officials;

8. Review existing customs laws and legislations and provide recommendations for revision and improvement;

9. Define key features in international trade and customs related conventions to which Mongolia is a party to that can be introduced in domestics customs laws and legislation;

10. Draft legislation, note, presentation and other policy documents needed for revising the existing customs legislations in convergence with the international Conventions and ongoing customs reforms undertaken by the MOF.   

11. Undertake other tasks related to activities stated above as reasonably requested by the Client. 


The following deliverables shall be submitted to the Client:

1. Report and presentation on port development and expansion plans;

2. Report and presentation on a legal and due diligence analysis on conducting cross-border transport such as container shipping, Automated Guided Vehicles and railway transport;

3. A summary note outlining possible digitization of services to be provided by customs administration to reduce the time and cost of trade, including international experiences that can be relevant in the context of the ongoing customs reforms in Mongolia; 

4. International trade statistics database which will be used for estimating revenue from international trade;

5. Recommendation paper for improving the existing customs legislations in line with the above-mentioned Conventions and ongoing customs reforms;

6. Draft documents including the customs legislations, note, presentation and other necessary policy documents;

7. Summary report outlining completion of assignment.


  • Education: The suitable candidate should have a Master’s’ degree in a relevant field: economics, finance, international trade, customs or public administration;
  • Experience: The incumbent should have at least five (5) years of relevant professional experience including the area of international trade, economics, customs and public policy. Knowledge of technical terms of tax, trade, and customs and related work experience would be an advantage. 
  • Language skills:  Fluent written and spoken skills in English;
  • Other skills: 

            a. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to function effectively and collaboratively in a team environment; 

            b. Be proficient in PC-based applications such as Word, Excel and data management, and have excellent web research and navigation skills;

            c. Familiarity with the IT system particularly, with fiscal management information system is essential; and

            d. Be able to work overtime if required.


The Consultant will report directly to the Director-General of the Tax Policy Department, MOF and will work on a day-to-day basis with officers, international and local consultants of the Tax Policy Department on all matters related to the assignment. The Director-General of the Tax Policy Department will meet regularly with the Consultant to review progress with the work program and to resolve any outstanding issues. The consultant is expected to provide monthly reports to the Client with the relevant detailed deliverables and documents enclosed as per Section D above.


The assignment is expected to commence in May, 2022. The total duration of the consultancy service rendered is estimated to be eleven (11) months.

The consultant will be required to carry out his/her tasks in line with the approved Work plan, which will serve as a basis for measuring progress on desired outcomes and goals. The monthly reports against the approved work plan will then be the basis for the monthly payments for the consultancy service. 


The Client will provide an office space and will work with the Consultant on a day-to-day basis. The consultant shall be provided with all the necessary data and information to perform the tasks specified in Section C. All information provided to the Consultant will be regarded as confidential and information shall not be shared with any outside individuals or organizations without the Client’s prior consent.

If you possess the above qualifications, please submit the following documents in English via email to no later than 15:00 PM, April 24, 2022:

1. Cover letter indicating why she/he considers her/himself suitable for the position.

2. Detailed CV highlighting relevant skills/experience.

3. Copy of diplomas or certificates; and,

4. Two reference letters from the previous last two employers.

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the Selection of Individual Consultants (INDV) method of the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers. 

The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Please be noted that incomplete applications would not be considered for evaluation. Only selected candidate will be contacted.

Address for submission of Expression of Interest: Attention to Ms.Oyunyam, Procurement Specialist, Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability Project, Address: Room #205, Negdsen undestnii 8/2, 4th khoroo, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Tel: 70120582 or via email to:

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