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Урилгын дугаар: C11/CS/040
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Зарласан огноо: 2021-06-10
Дуусах огноо: 2021-06-24 15:00:00  

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A. Background

Mongolia has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability Project (SFFSP). The Objective of the SFFS Project is to contribute to the Government of Mongolia’s efforts to strengthen fiscal and financial stability and improve the quality of expenditure. The project is designed into five components: (I) Strengthening Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management; (II) Improving the Efficiency of Public Financial Management; (III) Enhancing Financial Sector Stability; (IV) Strengthening the Social Protection System; (V) Project Management and Monitoring. The objectives are to: Strengthening fiscal responsibility and implementing relevant policy measures, improving fiscal discipline, strengthening the resiliency of the banking system, improving public expenditure quality in social protection, providing support for Project implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, including, inter alia, audit arrangements, reporting requirements, procurement and financial management activities respectively. For more details, please refer to the Project Appraisal Document Report No. PAD2269. 

B. Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the Coordinating Consultant is to assist the Financial Policy Department (FMID) of Ministry of Finance, including Financial Market and Insurance Division with the implementation of activities under sub-component C1-3 of the SFFS Project in an efficient and timely manner and facilitate engagement of the FMID in other policy work-related and within the scope of the SFFS project. 

C. Scope of Work 

The Coordinating Consultant will undertake the following assignments, but not limited to:

Entity Related Specific Task

• The Coordinating consultant shall be a liaison between the PIU and the FMID, FPD of MOF and will act to relay information between the parties efficiently and effectively in order to achieve synergy and strong relations;

• The Coordinating Consultant will coordinate the work to be performed of all consultants hired under the sub-components C1-C3. The consultant will perform these tasks under the guidance of the relevant beneficiary department and in close coordination with the PIU;

• Provide translation and interpretation support as necessary and as requested;

• Among others, the consultant will support the FMID, FPD of MOF with the implementation of the following activities:

o Assist the FMID to initiate and implement activities planned under MoF portion of Component C;

o Monitor implementation of contracts;

o Assist the FMID in preparing requests for international and local trainings and organizing relevant logistics;

o Coordinate between FMID project activities related to financial policy;

o Assist the FMID in preparing for  periodic meetings of Technical working group;  preparing and circulating agenda and other communication and recording the minutes of the meetings relating to the project activities;

o Coordinate the component activities between the MOF, BoM, and other relevant stakeholders;

o Prepare progress reports of the respective subcomponent and submit to the MoF component leader and PIU; 

o Maintain project files, and record incoming and outgoing documents;

o Provide translation support to the FMID MoF relating to the subcomponents; 

o Undertake such other tasks as reasonably requested and/ or assigned by the Director of FPD, head of FMID and the SFFSP PIU Coordinator.

PIU Related Specific Task 

Procurement Related Specific Tasks:

• Assist the FMID to initiate  and implement activities planned under the procurement plan under Sub-Component# C1-C3 with a clearly defined timeframe and outcomes;

• Prepare draft Terms of Reference according to the approved procurement plan that falls in line with the Sub-Components objectives As part of this task the consultant will:

o Ensure that draft TORs are reviewed by the FMID  and/ or the PIU  before finalizing them and to facilitate the procurement process;

o Finalize the Terms of Reference taking into consideration inputs, comments and suggestions  provided by the FMID, PIU and the World Bank task team;

• Prepare Technical Specifications for procurement of various goods, if any, that fall under the subcomponent as per the procurement plan. The Technical Specifications are subject to revision  and comments to be provided by the PIU, which need to be properly addressed into a revised version of the Technical Specifications; 

• Assist the PIU in facilitating various meetings or committees relevant to the FMID and Sub-Component# C1-C3;

o Assist the PIU in facilitating various meetings or committees relevant to the FMID and Sub-Component#C1-C3:

o The activities to be coordinated  may include, meetings of the  Evaluation Committee and Steering Committee among others, where the consultant will be in charge of taking note of the discussions help  and will  prepare minutes of such meetings;

Finance Management Related Specific Tasks:

• The Coordinator  Consultant will prepare request forms of disbursement, implementation action plans and develop detailed training plans for fulfilling Sub-Component objectives and prepare training requests in accordance with the standard forms;

• The Coordinating Consultant will assist the PIU in developing proposals for international, local training and capacity building events to be carried out under the Sub-Component. This task will also  include taking care of relevant logistic aspects such as preparing invitation letters, printing training materials, securing appropriate venues, organize field visits and  prepare estimated budgets as well as completion reports for each activity.;

• Assist in developing and finalizing training materials and incorporate  comments and revisions  received from  FMID officials, World Bank Task Team and PIU; and

• The Coordinator will support and provide the FM specialist a fully translated description of the training courses and results of training undergone overseas and locally.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specific Tasks:

• Assist the PIU in preparing, in a timely manner,  monthly, semi-annually, annually reports as well as any other necessary information that might be requested by the M&E specialist at the PIU.


• Education: A suitable candidate should have master’s degree in relevant fields: finance, banking or economics. 

• Experience: Incumbent should have at least five (5) years of relevant professional experience. Specific experience of working in financial institutions and central government agencies would be an advantage;

• Language skills: Fluent written and spoken English and Mongolian language skills;

• Other skills: 

a. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to function effectively and collaboratively in a team environment;

b. Be proficient in PC based applications such as Word, Excel and data management, and have excellent web research and navigation skills; and

c. Excellent communication skills both verbally and electronically. Ability to communicate with people at all organizational levels.

E. Supervision and Reporting 

The consultant will report directly to the Head of the FMID and Sub-Component Lead, while simultaneously reporting to the PIU coordinator. The consultant will work on a full-time basis during the period of the contract.

In the event of project restructuring occurring during the lifetime of the contract which affects the Sub-Components currently set (i.e.sub-Components may be absorbed, eliminated or newly added), the PIU, at its own discretion might arrange how the assignment might be altered accordingly or appointed elsewhere.   

The FMID and PIU (SFFSP) shall evaluate the consultants’ performance on an output basis and approve invoices for delivered outputs. 

The Consultant must prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual summary reports detailing achievements and when appropriate also include details of the impediments in the execution of the entire assignment as requested and on time. 

All reports shall be prepared in both English and Mongolian, in electronic and hard format, which shall be submitted to the FMID and the PIU (SFFSP).

F. Contract Duration 

The assignment is expected to commence in June 2021 and the total duration of the consultancy service to be rendered is estimated to be 8 months with possible extension period, based on business needs and satisfactory performance. 

G. Institutional Arrangements

The Ministry of Finance (FMID) will provide office space and will work with the coordinating consultant on a day-to-day basis. The consultant shall be provided with all necessary data and information to perform the many tasks detailed in these TORs. The consultant is expected to communicate and coordinate his/her work with international consultants who might be supporting the implementation of key activities under the sub-component. 

If you possess t0he above qualifications, please submit the following documents via email to procurement@sffs.mn:

1. Cover letter indicating why she/he considers her/himself suitable for the position.

2. Detailed CV highlighting relevant skills/experience.

3. Copy of diplomas or certificates; and,

4. 2 reference letters from previous last two employers no later than 15:00 PM, June 24, 2021.

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (July 2016).

The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Please be noted that incomplete applications would not be considered for evaluation. Only selected candidate will be contacted.

Address for submission of Expression of Interest: Attention to Ms.Ariunaa.G, Procurement Specialist, Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability Project, Address: Room #205, Negdsen undestnii 8/2, 4th khoroo, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Tel: 70120582 or via email to: procurement@sffs.mn

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