Төрийн сангийн мэргэжилтэн болон төсвийн байгууллагаас ирсэн дуудлагыг хүлээж авч удирдахад (програм хангамж) дэмжлэг үзүүлэх дотоодын зөвлөх сонгон шалгаруулна
Урилгын дугаар: B31/CS/004
Захиалагч: Сангийн яам
Зарын төрөл: Зөвлөх үйлчилгээ
Зарласан огноо: 2019-10-16
Дуусах огноо: 2019-10-30 17:00:00  

Зарын урилга


Mongolia has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability Project (SFFSP). The Objective of the SFFS Project is to contribute to the Government of Mongolia’s efforts to strengthen fiscal and financial stability and improve the quality of expenditure. The project is designed into five components: (i) Strengthening Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management; (ii) Improving the Efficiency of Public Financial Management; (iii) Enhancing Financial Sector Stability; (iv) Strengthening the Social Protection System; (v) Project Management and Monitoring. The objectives are to strengthen fiscal responsibility and implement the relevant policy measures; improve fiscal discipline; strengthen the resiliency of the banking system; improve public expenditure quality in social protection; and provide support for Project implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, including, inter alia, audit arrangements, reporting requirements, procurement and financial management activities, respectively. For more details, please refer to the Project Appraisal Document Report No. PAD2269 . 

Under the Component B on Improving the Efficiency of Public Financial Management, there is a subcomponent on strengthening the public financial management institutional capacity. Within this subcomponent, the Financial Information Technology Division (FITD) of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) plans to optimize its support to treasury department specialists as well as budgetary organizations on applications such as Glass Account (Shilen Dans), GFMIS (Treasury department financial systems), E-Balance and E-Report system. The support is conducted through calls received by the FITD as well as through other means such as email and official letters. In addition, with the support of the consultant, MOF plans to conduct research on root causes of the application-related problems encountered by users and, based on the research, identify a suitable mechanism for addressing the problems timely. 


Main objective of the assignment is to ensure reliability of the systems used by the Treasury department and budgetary organizations by providing troubleshooting support and solutions to users. 


Key responsibilities of the national consultant will be to provide guidance on the system status for Treasury specialists and budgetary organizations of the Glass Accounts, Budget Planning System and Treasury Systems to manage enquiries made to the FITD. Detailed tasks will include, but not be limited to, the following:

Task#1: Monitoring of the system status at the local, capital city and district level and creating an electronic registration system for the calls received. 

        • Monitor the status of the applications by showing a list indicating whether they are operational or not.

        • Record entries and create a log in an electronic logging system which will include details such as: when the application problem occurred, where the problem occurred, what kind of problem it was and recommended solutions to the problem.

Task#2: Resolving application issues at the local, capital and district levels. Depending on the issue, collaborate with the system vendors that are responsible for the application.

        • Determine the root cause of the issues and, when required, cooperate with vendor companies in this regard. 

        • Identify and document the suitable solutions to the various problems faced.

Task#3: Update the current manuals of applications such as GFMIS, E-balance and E-report that are used by Treasury department specialists and budgetary organizations. 

Task#4: Ensure system performance and reliability of applications managed and maintained by the FITD.

        • Answer phone calls on application-related issues and resolve them in a timely manner;

        • Determine causes of problems, troubleshoot and fix the problems on application servers;

        • Prevent system defects and ensure normal operations of all applications that are managed or maintained by the FITD.


1. Monthly reports prepared on activities performed under Tasks # 1 & 2; 

2. Final report prepared with key issues and recommendations for Tasks # 1 & 2; 

3. Final revised manuals under Task # 3; 

4. Progress reports on the work carried out under Task # 4;


The consultant work is expected to commence in November 2019 and the total duration of the assignment is 26 months.


To be considered eligible candidates should have all the eligibility criteria listed below:

       o Education: A suitable candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related.

       o Experience: Incumbent must have at least 18 months of experience of working in IT or a related field. Incumbent should have knowledge on network and system operations. 

       o Language skills: Must have professional proficiency in English and fluent written and spoken skills in Mongolian.       

       o Other skills: Able to work at high quality and capable of working in a short time. Be able to work independently, advise others, and team work. Be able to analyze the network structure. Be able to process documentation. Ability to use all IP technology-based solutions, such as digital fax, digital television and digital cameras.

             -  Have excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work in a group and multicultural team environment is required to deal effectively with staff at all levels.

             -  Be able to work independently, advise others, and work in a team.   

             -  Be able to work overtime if required.

If you possess the above qualifications, please submit following documents via email to procurement@sffs.mn:

    1. Cover letter indicating why she/he considers her/himself suitable for the position,

    2. Detailed CV highlighting relevant skills/experience,

    3. Copy of diplomas or certificates and,

    4. 2 reference letters from previous last two employers no later than 17:00, October 30, 2019.

The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Please note that incomplete applications would not be considered for evaluation. Only selected candidates will be contacted. Candidates can be interviewed. Detailed terms of reference can be requested from procurement@sffs.mn

Contact address: Attn: Ms.Bayarmaa, Procurement Specialist, Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability Project

Room #204, Negdsen undestnii 8/2, 4th khoroo, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Tel: 70120582

 The consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (July 2016).

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours: 8:30 to 17:30 hours (local Ulaanbaatar time) or procurement@sffs.mn.

 Attn: Ms.Bayarmaa L, Procurement specialist,  

Project Implementation Unit

The World Bank – Strengthening fiscal and financial stability project,

Room #205, Negdsen undestnii 8/2, 4th khoroo, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +976-70120582

Fax: +976-70110582

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