Contract award notices

Procurement method:

Contract No Contract Title Contractor's Name Contract Amount Currency Signature Date
SFFSP/С4/CS-035 National Consultant to assist in departments for translating laws, rules and regulations for international consultants' assignments National consultant 8,546,820.00 12/5/2022
SFFSP/B22/CS-027 National Consultant (Team member) for implementing a commitment control system through GFMIS/FBv7 and supporting the implementation of Electronic Transaction Verification Directory system National consultant 12,820,230.00 MNT 11/29/2022
SFFSP/B1/GO-007 Tableau License fee for a creator and viewers Novelsoft LLC 14,390,000.00 MNT 11/23/2022
B22/CS/036 National consultant to provide functional support to implement Integrated Payroll system (help desk #1 central budget entities and UB) National consultant 21,367,050.00 MNT 11/16/2022
SFFSP/CS/E-018 Procurement Specialist at the PIU National consultant 25,374,369.00 MNT 11/14/2022
SFFSP/D2/CS-037 National consultant to provide translation and interpretation services to the MLSP National consultant 17,093,640.00 MNT 11/11/2022
SFFSP/С4/CS/034 National Consultant to make a research and analyze the barriers to increase professional/institutional investors’ base and develop related policy and regulatory recommendation on improving the participation of professional/institutional investors National consultant 19,828,620.00 MNT 11/4/2022
SFFSP/A31/CS/012 Date of advertisement requesting expressions of interest: National Consultant to support the Government's external credit activities in relation to major international financial institutions National consultant 12,820,230.00 MNT 10/20/2022