Гэрээ байгуулсан тухай мэдэгдэл

Procurement method:

Contract No Contract Title Contractor's Name Contract Amount Currency Signature Date
 SFFSP/GO/D2/011 Printing of public advocacy materials, guidance, handouts, and book related to strengthening social insurance Reporms and operations Bit Press LLC 11 425 000,00 MNT 2021-12-03
SFFSP/D1/NC/001 Professional entity to broadcast through TV on social welfare reform Mongol TV LLC 24 950 000,00 MNT 2021-11-22
SFFSP/CS/A31-010 Consultancy service on improving domestic primary market by reviewing domestic primary market, testing alternative government sercurities and issuance mechanisms, setting limits on individual purchases and other mechanisms National Consultant 11 396 720,00 MNT 2021-11-16
SFFSP/CS/A31-009 Consultancy service on developing plan for domestic secondary market; review the clearing & settlement structure with the aim of identifying a set-up that handles all government securities National Consultant 29 054 802,00 MNT 2021-11-16
SFFSP/CS/A32-012 Translation service for revision of the Government Regulation of foreign aid and related documents National Consultant 5 128 650,00 MNT 2021-11-15
SFFSP/NC/D1-002 Non-consulting firm or NGO for formulating and executing public awareness campaign to improve public understanding of social welfare reforms and programs Niigmiin shuudan sonin media 19 950 000,00 MNT 2021-11-03
SFFSP/B22/GO/009 Purchase of IT goods for UB city and 21 aimags’ local treasury officials under sub-component B22/GO/014 Topica LLC 83 244 300,00 MNT 2021-10-28
SFFSP/CS/B11 - 009 Consulting service to support Education sector financing reform National Consultant 38 463 930,00 MNT 2021-10-25